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To wow the dog obsessed fur parent 

Renzo and Ruby believes that your dog isn't just an addition to your home. They're our business! As fur parents, lovers and providers it's not only our job to love, care, feed and protect our pups, but it's also our job to keep them healthy. Through our inclusive community and training routine, we believe that we're creating stronger and healthier family members. How work so you pup can have a top shelf lifestyle, and so should you. 

How We Do It

Partnering from day 1

Start with potty training early 

Start basic commands right away

Family bonding and Stimulation

Great workout

Parents deserve great outfits too

Leash and city etiquette

Why We Do It

Its a lifestyle 

We've been there

Shelter returns are at a all time high

Destructive Behavior

Parents deserve great outfits too

Social awkwardness

Leash aggression

Separation anxiety

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Dogs can't have all the fun

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