Fun-At-home Activities for You and Your Dog

Make activities for you and your baby during the time of pandemic. You’ve been turning to your baby for support and companionship, and now is the time to give back the favor!

Cook with your dog

We bet there’s a furry friend nearby who would love something homemade. Get dog biscuit recipes online and have fun exploring!

Teach your baby how to do a high five

We challenge you to teach your dog to do a new trick! Just grab a treat on your hand and make a tight fist. Wait for your baby to be impatient with their paws on your hand. Before it lifts its paw, say “High five!”. When it tries to reach it, say “Yes!”. And then give it the treat. Try to repeat it without the treat. Your dog will be giving you a high five in no time!

Teach Your Dog to Give Kisses

You can’t fake that happiness! It’s undeniable that a puppy-greeting can help boost your mood. Aside from that, it’s beneficial to your baby too! Some bacteria in your body stimulate an immune response and help your baby fight off an illness.

Teach Your Dog to Shake

Dazzle your friends by showing them your baby’s dog shake. Teach her while giving her a treat!

Playing with your baby indoors is fun too!

You can play hide and seek or tug-of-war at home. It’s both entertaining and educational for your baby.

Walk with you or with us

You can walk your dog inside, but your dog might want to have her “sniff time”. So go out there and give your baby what it truly desires! You can just walk your baby in your garden if there are still restrictions when it comes to going out. If you don’t have the time, you can book a buddy walk session with us at Walk with Renzo and Ruby.

Appreciate your baby and have fun!

Reasons why you need a dog walker :

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