Cost of Dog Walking in Washington, DC

As society becomes increasingly isolated in terms of interaction, largely due to hectic work schedules and social media, human interaction also becomes scarce for our furry friends. So, imagine your pet’s joy when their professional walker picks up their leash and shares those five words that are music to their ears: “Let’s go for a walk!” Despite one’s chaotic work schedule, personal life, or list of commitments, professional dog-walkers offer a relatively affordable, specialized service that spans beyond client convenience – this service offers peace of mind, healthy social interactions, and reduced anxiety-based doggy behaviors such as chewing, digging, and scratching.

In Washington, D.C., dog-walking fees typically range from $14-$20. On average, the cost per 15-minute visit is $15, and the cost of a 30-minute visit is $20. Additionally, services are often discounted, typically costing $18 for a recurring weekly visit. Thanks to professional dog-walkers, pet owners can say “goodbye” to the days of having to rush home on their lunch break, no longer hoping and praying that their dog does not use the bathroom inside. Professional dog-walking services offer an unprecedented peace of mind as owners know and trust that their animal bestie is being well taken care of in the arms of a well-trained staffer.

This professional service also offers a range of luxuries such as real-time pick-up and drop-off emailed alerts. The owner is always kept in the loop and given access to their dog’s happenings. Additionally, dog-walking companies run GPS tracking apps to track their route and potty report in addition to providing up-to-the-minute pictures. Professional dog-walking services are highly organized and convenient, offering 24/7, instant online booking and a live client-happiness team, ready to support clients during business hours. These services are more than someone merely showing up to take your dog for a quick walk. Companies employ quality, caring employees, not contractors, and these employees undergo ongoing training in an effort to maintain and improve dog-walking practices. Each employee is insured, licensed, and bonded, further contributing to the overall peace of mind each customer deserves while their four-legged friend is in the care of someone else.

Given the importance of exercise and the value of social interaction coupled with the convenience factor for every dog owner, professional dog-walking services are valuable for so many reasons. Not only are walks fun for dogs, but they’re a fantastic way to keep our furry friends in optimal health. Walking is crucial to their health and increases their mental well-being, and these professional services offer a social, healthy lifestyle for your fur babies while you are away, rain or shine.