How to prevent Dog poo in hallways?

Apartment living! 💩

Are you the neighbor they are talking about in the portal?! Of course not! Here a few tips on how to keep the poo from popping out in the hallways, elevator or anywhere else it doesn’t belong while trying to get our babies outside!

1💩 Carry your pup outside

Our small bladder babes we tend to carry. We know they can’t make it while waiting 5 plus floors to go so picking them up is always a go to.

2💩 Potty pad at the doorway

Not ideal but it gets the job done. Senior pups really appreciate this. It’s a pit stop

3💩Lap band

They work, don’t forget to take them off outside though 🙃

4💩 Frequent intervals

3-4 hours for the babies, each month of age add 1 hour to max out at 6 hours comfortably.

5 💩 When all else fails, keep a few extra potty bags on hand in case your fur baby drops one behind.

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