Pet Disaster Emergency Plan

In an emergency, your pet needs you for their safety. So, when you prepare for natural disasters and emergencies, you must include your furry friends into your safety plan. If you and your loved ones are not safe at home during an emergency, then your home is not safe for your pet, either. So, be sure to prepare ahead of time, not only for yourself but for your pet, too. In the event of a disaster, gather key items for you and your pet, in addition to creating a list of people and pet-friendly facilities to assist in your time of need; this is the ideal way to prepare.

In the event of a disaster, assemble a kit for your pet and be sure to store these items in an easy-to-carry container or large bag. The following is a list of items needed for your furry friend:

- Sturdy leashes, harnesses, or carriers to safely and securely transport your pet

- Food, drinking water, and bowls for each

- Medications, if applicable

- Copies of medical records stored in a waterproof container

- First aid kit

- Pet toys

- Bed for your pet, if easily transportable

In addition to those items, be sure to pack current photos of your pet. In the event your pet gets lost, having updated pictures on hand will help eliminate mistaken identity and confusion. Also, as a pet parent, be sure that your veterinarian’s name, number, and office address are stored in your phone in case your pet needs medical attention.

Pet parents, remember that many hotels do not allow animal guests (with the exception, usually, of service animals). As you create your disaster tool kit, be sure to create a list of people and resources able to help you and your pet in the midst of a disaster. The following are suggestions regarding where to take your pet during an evacuation:

- A trusted friend or relative outside of the disaster area

- A pet-friendly hotel or motel (search for options); note: some hotels waive animal prohibitions during disasters

- Veterinarians often shelter animals in an emergency.

When preparing your list, be sure to include phone numbers and addresses. Also, make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are current. Many shelters require proof of vaccinations

CITY Pet Disaster Preparedness Tool Kit

- List of items needed for pets

- List of items needed for pet parents.

- Common list of people ready to help (local red cross?)

- Links to local evacuation route (if applicable)